Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Smoothie Tips

Smoothies! I have one every single day because I love that you can fit tons of wholesome food into a jar and take it with you wherever. Every morning for breakfast I have a smoothie and an egg, besides the weekends when I usually have one for lunch or as a snack. Smoothies are also just beautiful in pictures, and they are often what shows up most on my Instagram feed because they are the only thing I can take pictures of in the car. Here are some tips on making wholesome and delicious smoothies!
  • When making green smoothies, always add a very sweet fruit like pineapples or mangos to your smoothie (unless you like the taste of ground-up greens.)
  • Adding super foods like chia seeds and hemp hearts don't affect the taste or texture of your smoothie but help pack them with nutrients. Even adding almonds for extra protein will go unnoticed!
  • Smoothies are the perfect on-the-go snack or meal, so stock up on lots of containers that you can transport them in! I love mason jars (if you follow me on Instagram it's obvious.)I also use the old tomato sauce jars which are perfect for smoothies. Sometimes I use a tumbler similar to this one. 
  • Pay attention to liquid! I don't like using a lot of fruit juices as liquid to thin out my smoothie, because I'm not really a big juice fan. Smoothies are already a lot of sugar, and for someone like me who's not doing the raw vegan thing, I do watch my sugar intake. I like using almond milk and oat milk for my smoothies. I don't normally buy coconut water, but when I do have some on hand I love using that for fruit smoothies.
  • Pay attention to the instructions that come with your blender! I wasn't using my Vitamix right until I saw a demonstration on how to use it at Costco. My smoothies are so much smoother now!
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