Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5 Tips to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

Happy {almost} Thanksgiving! Holidays are one of the toughest times of the year to stay healthy. There is food everywhere and so many delicious things to indulge in (I'm dreaming of these Mini Apple Pies!)
Photograph from The Chalkboard Mag

A must-make recipe this Thanksgiving is these pumpkin pancakes from Lindsay at Pinch of Yum. I found the recipe when Lindsay first posted it about a month ago and I have made it probably...5 times since? They're fluffy and soft and flavorful and everything a pancake should be, so check those out here.

Time for the tips! Indulging too much over the holidays leaves you feeling yucky afterwards. These tips will ensure that you stay healthy without missing out on all the yummy holiday dishes. Also, follow my Holiday board on Pinterest for everything from recipes to table setting ideas!

Tip #1: Don't restrict {fully}

  • Only restrict quantity. Do you love pumpkin pie? Or creamy, buttery mashed potatoes? Treat yourself, but only to a reasonable portion! Instead of indulging in every unhealthy dish you like, indulge fully in one that you love. Chances are you'll end up going back for larger portions of that one thing you love anyways, and that will lead to overeating. Also remember what I call "the full plate rule:" Fill up your plate with 50% veggies and fruits, 25% protein, and 25% whole grains.
Tip #2: Help with preparations
  • Help cook something for the big meal, even if you aren't hosting. If you're hosting the meal yourself, this one is easy. If someone else is hosting, ask if you can bring a dish or two. This way you know exactly what's going into the food you're eating, and you get to cook something delicious too!
Tip #3: Don't fill up on appetizers
  • This one is truly a tip for anytime. Appetizers tend to starchy foods that are small and addictive (like bread at a restaurant, which I have absolutely no control over, btw.) You have one, and soon one turns into eight. It happens, guys. This tip is all about self-control. If you think you can have just one chip with dip, go for it. But if you don't think you have self-control over salty, crunchy snacks, skip them altogether. 
Tip #4: Get moving!
  • Something people sometimes forget is that Thanksgiving dinner happens at dinnertime (duh.) This means that you have almost a whole day to either sit around watching the parade or to get active! If you have family in town, even better! Even if you are preparing the big meal, just take half an hour out of your day to get active. Go on a walk, do a Turkey trot (I'm finally doing a 5k this year,)ride your bike around the neighborhood, go to the gym (are gyms open on Thanksgiving?) or just go outside and play catch. This can also be a great way to spend time with family and friends.
Tip #5: Take your time
  • Eat slowly. Not just because it's better for digestion, but also because you should enjoy your meal and your time. Thanksgiving is a time to relax and savor the time you have with family and friends. Enjoy every second, be mindful, and of course, be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving! -G

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